Gallium Nitride Prototyping

If you need to rapidly fabricate a prototype in nitride semiconductors, we can help rapidly move your ideas from a sketch to a packaged chip in weeks. Your IP belongs to you, and we bring 10+ years of hands-on experience prototyping integrated photonics, sensors, superconductors, and MEMS in gallium nitride to your project.

Residual gas detection

Our instrument detects total pressure and a residual gas in a pure gas background down to part-per-billion levels. Thanks to our innovative microtechnology based on physical detection in the corrosion-resistant nitride semiconductor platform, our compact solution delivers an online point-of-process measurement over a wide range of process pressures, from hundreds of atmospheres to high vacuum, without the need for differential pumping. Our design features all-metal vacuum seals, an ISO-KF vacuum flange, and SEMI-standard EtherCAT communication.


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Photographs by Alain Herzog and Hoshii Design.