What do we do?

Hexisense SA manufactures instruments that detect trace amounts of gas impurities.

Why is it important?

High purity gas environments assure quality delivery of essential goods across critical industries:
• Semiconductors, displays, and solar cells
• Thin film coatings
• Natural gas infrastructure
• Industrial compressed air
• Steel production
• Food production
• Pharmaceutical production

What is unique?

Our instruments are built around a proprietary sensor fabricated from nitride semiconductors, the industrially proven material behind the LED lighting revolution. Thanks to their chemical stability and wide band gap, nitride semiconductors are well-suited to operation in harsh industrial environments. Hexisense knows how to measure part-per-million levels of trace gases with this material.

What is our customer value proposition?

If you need to measure purity inside your process equipment but a differentially-pumped mass spectrometer is cost- or space-prohibitive, we can deliver similar performance in a handheld instrument at a fraction of the cost.

When can I buy one?

We piloted our minimum viable prototype (MVP) in 2020-1 and have integrated customer feedback into a pre-production prototype, which we aim to ship in Q4 2023 to select customers. Check back for detailed technical specifications. In the meantime, you can check out our MVP in action below.

Why us?

As a spin-off of the Advanced Semiconductors Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), we are experts in nitride semiconductors with access to world-class cleanroom prototyping facilities, which allow us to rapidly move from epitaxy to packaged sensor at a single facility in days instead of months.

The Company owns high-precision benchmarking equipment to characterize and calibrate its product.


For inquires about prototyping & benchmarking services or pre-production prototypes, please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you soon.

Hexisense SA
Rue de Lausanne 64
1020 Renens, Switzerland
T: +41 21 510 23 07

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    We thank our project sponsors for their help in starting Hexisense.

    Photographs by Alain Herzog and Hoshii Design.