What we do

Hexisense SA makes instrumentation based on gallium nitride semiconductors, the same tough material that powered the LED lighting revolution. Our first offering, OxyGaN, is built around a chip that combines a traditional total pressure sensor with a proprietary oxygen chemical sensor. Together, these sensors measure total pressure and oxygen partial pressure in vacuum manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

OxyGaN is a drop-in replacement for a pressure gauge that provides both chemical and physical measures of vacuum quality from high to rough vacuum — where mass spectrometers would require differential pumping — at the price of a pressure gauge. These two signals improve the return-on-investment for expensive process equipment by:

  • Safeguard your product with in-situ vacuum quality monitoring
  • Speed up your freeze-drying process with endpoint detection
  • Track vacuum quality over time for predictive maintenance
  • Restart your process faster after maintenance or load lock opening


OxyGaN’s integrated leak detection capability is for application in the following industries:

  • Semiconductors
  • Thin film coatings
  • Freeze-drying / lyophilization of food and pharmaceuticals
  • Food packaging
  • Research and development

Our Offer

Hexisense SA sells OxyGaN evaluation kits to OEMs and vacuum component manufacturers looking to add value to future products. Check out the video to see the evaluation kit in action.

Who are we?

Hexisense SA is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) physics department.


Please contact us to obtain detailed technical specifications, to get a quotation for an evaluation kit, or to sign up for newsletter updates.

  • Phone:     +41 21 510 23 07
  • Address:   Hexisense SA
  •      Rue de Lausanne 64
         1020 Renens, Switzerland


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      We thank our project sponsors for their help in starting Hexisense.

      Photographs by Alain Herzog and Hoshii Design.