Our instrument detects total pressure and a residual gas in a pure gas background down to part-per-billion levels. Thanks to our innovative microtechnology based on physical detection in the corrosion-resistant nitride semiconductor platform, our compact solution delivers an online point-of-process measurement over a wide range of process pressures, from hundreds of atmospheres to high vacuum, without the need for differential pumping.
Our first product targets semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The design features all-metal vacuum seals, two 4-20 mA analog outputs, an ISO-KF vacuum flange, and SEMI-standard EtherCAT communication.


We are fully qualified operators with 10+ years of hands-on experience in the world-class R&D cleanrooms for compound semiconductors and silicon at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Over the years, the team has built integrated photonics, photonic crystals, diffractive optical elements, fin field-effect transistors, high-electron mobility transistors, microelectromechanical systems, and superconducting circuits. Along the way, we accumulated process knowledge and design blocks for silicon, nitride semiconductors, and beyond.
If you are an academic, startup, or small business that needs to fabricate a prototype using innovative microtechnology, we can move your ideas from a sketch to a packaged chip in weeks.


We developed an ISO-standard fully automated benchmarking platform for 24 x 7 gas sensor testing.  The equipment simulates the semiconductor manufacturing environment, with total pressure ranging from one atmosphere to high vacuum. Controlled, part-per-million concentrations of gas impurities are injected into an ultrapure ballast gas background. A two-stage differentially pumped residual gas analyzer mass spectrometer serves as the reference instrument. All surfaces can be heated up to 80 ⁰C during measurement or 120 ⁰C during bakeout.
We offer this platform as a standalone testing service at a daily, weekly, or monthly rate.


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Our team is capable of end-to-end prototyping, from bare wafer to complete instrument. Connect with us on LinkedIn!


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              Photographs by Alain Herzog and Hoshii Design.